Value Series: 2-Stage

Value Series_2_Stage

Enjoy the Benefits of Reliable Comfort
The Ruud Value Series Two-Stage Air Conditioner is designed to give you proven quality and lasting comfort from a name you trust and a price you’ll love.

Energy Savings Two-stage cooling design operates at low most of the time, providing comfortable temperatures while reducing energy use. The system only operates at high when necessary during peak, warm weather conditions. Your energy savings are further increased by a cooling efficiency rating of up to 16 SEER.

Greater Comfort
When matched with the Ruud RHML Air Handler, the system adjusts airflow to enhance humidity control more effectively for unsurpassed comfort in the cooling mode.

Low-Cost Maintenance Convenient access to internal components means contractors can make most adjustments without shutting the entire system down. Advanced two-stage compressor technology provides quick diagnostic capabilities for contractors, keeping their time and your cost to a minimum.

Enjoy Long-Lasting Quality and Comfort
We understand that purchasing heating and cooling equipment is an investment. With Ruud, it’s one you can expect to continually perform and deliver value for your family long-term. We’ve designed the Ruud Value Series to provide comfort you can count on.

Protective Design Full metal cabinet protects the coil from hail, lawn debris and keeps curious children safe.

Superior Finish Painted metal cabinet is rated to withstand a 500 hour salt spray test, guarding against the elements and rust, keeping your investment visually pleasing.

Ruud Quality Complete factory run testing ensures your Ruud equipment operates at peak performance before being installed in your home.

  • Model 16AJL
  • Nominal Size 2-5 Ton
  • Two-Stage air Condition
  • Up to 16 SEER
  • Two-Stage Scroll Compressor
  • Steel Cabinet

Conditional Parts – 10 Years (Registration Required)
Conditional Compressor – 10 Years (Registration Required)